Arboretum Cabinets

The uniquely beautiful hand carved Arboretum Cabinets are inspired by my surroundings.

In the workshop, near my home and on my dog walks, trees are everywhere. My home overlooks a valley with a forest on the other side. Nestled in the forest is a house with some lovely trees in its garden, almost a mini arboretum.

I’ve always loved folk art and also the fantastical kids TV programmes from the 70s such as The Magic Roundabout, Crystal Tipps & Alastair and James the Cat, with the otherworldly foliage and trees. These influences seem to have merged to create these pieces.

For the Arboretum Cabinet Tall I wanted to bring my hand skills to the fore.

The trees are hand carved and then the carved design is painted by hand in an array of colours. The design continues from the doors around to the sides.

Each cabinet or sideboard will be unique with some small differences in tree designs, placement and colours.

The Arboretum Collection offers two cabinets to buy directly from the website but these beautiful pieces can be made in any size, be it a cabinet or a sideboard.

If you would like a specific colour scheme for the tree designs, ie; greens/golds or coppers/blues, please let me know. 
Otherwise, the design will be multicoloured.

 Get in touch for a chat regarding custom sizes and colours.

 Everything is designed by Nell Beale and made in her workshop near Bath, UK.

 The main material used is called Valchromat, an environmentally friendly wood based composite.

The hand turned solid timber legs are stained black to complement the black of the cabinet.
The doors open with a pressure catch to negate the need for handles.

The doors are hung using black Blum hinges.


Black or Emerald Valchromat.

Walnut veneered back

Solid Walnut legs

Finished with Osmo Polyx Oil


 Tall Cabinet H 1394 x W 632 x D 350mm

 Square Cabinet H 1044 x W 832 x D 350mm


The Tall cabinet has one fixed horizontal shelf and two full width adjustable shelves.

The Square cabinet has one fixed central upright and four adjustable shelves.



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