Wonderland Triptych - Spring

One of two triptychs which have been created using hand drawing, carving and painting techniques.
Inspired by her surroundings, Nell has created a stylised view of the wooded hillside she sees from her current home in the countryside near Bath.
Opening the doors the viewer is invited into a magical undergrowth, with imagined trees and plants adorning the surface.

The piece has painted designs on the outside of the doors aswell as on the inside and Gold paint is used as a nod to religious triptychs although the thinking behind it was a homage to the natural world. The colour palette used in this piece represent Spring.

Nell draws the pattern free hand and then uses several techniques and processes, including hand carving and painting, to create these magical pieces of art.
This piece is totally unique and made by hand.

Every piece is marked as an original CoucouManou piece with a brass plate on the back.

For more information, please email.


Closed - H 950 x 600 x 32mm

Open - H 950 x 1200 x 16mm


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